Friday, April 1, 2011

More Anonymous Letters

Dear Creeper-
Texting a girl - who told you not to text or call her - at 1 in the morning and then refusing to tell her who you are is lame. Doing so two nights in a row is doubly lame.
Posting facebook statuses (public, btw) about how you "thought you met someone special, but maybe not" because the girl you've been harassing - that you talked to on the internet ONE TIME - is happily taken, well that's sad.
Not taking the hint when aforementioned girl then blocks your facebook and verbally reams you the next time you text her just makes you look like an ass.
Texting her a third time after already embarrassing yourself is just stupid.
So I passed along your number. Hope you enjoyed my boy's random rants today- there will be more to come, I'm sure.
Do yourself a favor and leave me the hell alone.
Most Sincerely and Definitely Not Yours,

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