Monday, August 2, 2010

Costume Party

ask me my name
and i'll lie
pseudonyms sound prettier
than the truth
any day

halloween city
where i can be
it's a costume party
and i can be

murderotic moonchild
wears sunglasses in the dark
wears her organs on the outside
but you still can't see her heart

blood-lusting little love-child
ruby tuesday's fucked up twin
leaves her lipstick on your collar
leaves her taste and leaves her sin

ask me where i'm from
and i'll lie
history is what we make it
and this is mine

masquerade city
where nothing means
it's hollywood, baby
and youth means

cocaine kid with the red lips
and the psycho-starlet grin
nice to meet you, nice to leave you
good to see you, how've you been?

little kitten in the black dress
hides inside the pink champagne
glitter celluloid distractions
and the lies are in her veins

ask me my name
and i'll lie...

photographer: Visions Of Excess
model, styling, and poem: me!