Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Anonymous Letter

Dear Anonymous(es)-

How many times have I listened to you say you missed me, beg me to come back, at least to visit? How many times have you said I need to hop on a bus, that I could sleep on your couch if I make it there? How many times have I come to see you?

Now here's the real question- how many times have you come to see me? Why is $25 so much more to you than it is to me? Why is it so much easier for me to get on a bus and ride 3 hours than it is for you to do the exact same thing? Why don't you even fucking try?

So many of you seem to forget that friendship goes both ways, that maybe it isn't entirely my responsibility to make it work every single time...

But no. I only have friends when it's convenient for them, when it doesn't cost them anything. I only have friends when it doesn't require any effort on their part.

I almost don't even want to come back anymore... It feels pointless.


1 comment:

deannadeadly said...

I completely can relate to this. I have always had fair weather friends and they are only there for you when its convenient for them :(