Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things That Are Silly

This is a list of things I find silly:

1) Expressing interest in a model multiple times, then when she wants to schedule with you, send her your rates... and THEN invite her to join your facebook fan-page!

2) Emailing a model to book with you for 3 different events, all within one month, when she's already said "no thank you" repeatedly.

3) Emailing a model at one address, and then when she says "no thank you", emailing her again at her other email address for the same event.

4) Emailing a model to schedule with them at an event they aren't attending.

5) Insisting that a model has available hours at a group-shoot when she's clearly stated she doesn't.

6) Friends who only contact you when they want to bitch about whatever horrible thing is going on in their life, but never want to be there when you need them or talk about anything else, and then get upset when for whatever reason, you can't drop everything to listen to how so-and-so said she's a bitch, and x is dating y, but she's in love with x (only last week, she was in love with s), and blahblahblah

7) Drive-by commenting your ex's pictures, profiles, etc., saying how much you miss them, how bad you want to see them, that you're gonna call and make plans with them, but literally everyone knows you're lying. I'm getting attention, and you want it- plain and simple. You're hundreds of miles away, and you STILL manage to use me... Silliness.

8) The inability to shoot in my kitchen at night because I literally cannot get enough light. :-/

9) Male models. Not all of them of course, but generally, they have a tendency to be quite silly.

10) ModelMayhem- the biggest, most well-disguised popularity contest of all time. It doesn't matter how talented you are, what caliber of work you do, any of that. It's who do you know, how many forum-posts do you have, and how much of your personal life are you willing to make public... Fuck it. If I'm gonna be "famous", it's gonna be for something I actually accomplished.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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deannadeadly said...

Ok Im lurking :-p
But about Model Mayhem I couldnt agree more. Its fucking annoying!