Monday, January 4, 2010

With Involuntary Love

Dear Anonymous-

Your picture pops up everywhere I turn, every web-page I open, every photo I see... I'd forgotten how beautiful you are... I hate it.

Get out of my head. Get out of my life.

I can't get away from your image, your glistening eyes, no matter how hard I push, and it makes me want to fucking cry.


I had high hopes you would be a flash in the pan; that after a year or so, I'd never have to hear your name, see your shattered scars, wish for you on every penny, star, raindrop, and tunnel.

But no.

Our friends still insist on updating me on everything you do. They show me all your new pictures, let me know whose bed you're sharing now.


I don't care anymore... You've made it perfectly clear that you don't care about me...

So please, just stop. Don't email me, don't drunk-dial me, don't tell so-and-so to tell me you say hi, just don't. Just walk away.

And don't let the door hit your perfect little ass on the way out.

With involuntary love,


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