Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Springtime In Hell

you whispered shadow
your tongue spilled all the things i couldn't say
i am not who i always dreamed of being
but i'm not what they see in me
reflect me
the blackest pieces
you spoke my ache
in images
too warped for words
mysticism in kisses
and morbid adoration
i believed
between the two of us
we could make one complete human
and one complete ghost
romanticized self-loathing
and the loss that only comes
when some vital part of you
i thought i knew you
but i only saw
what you offered me
i only saw
myself in you
blush blue
sick and shameful
buried in the beautiful mask
you created
for such an occasion
in tender whispers
you always told me
that wasn't the real you
but i've accepted
'you' isn't real
cling to familiar faces
the same old sweep-you-off-your-feet
but every time
i feel a little
than the time before
recalled whispers
before the world ends
you will love me
and i will forget you
chrysanthemums will fall
in your wake
and i will always remember you
in springtime.

1 comment:

Nick (CFKS) said...

Wow! "you spoke my ache"