Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rabbit Food

i'm sick of carrots
of living on rabbit food
and green tea
in the hopes it'll make me
something i never was-
another glass of water
and that's where i draw the line
another cigarette
and i'll be fine
spent hours
wasted in a mirror
wasted away
living reflections
that no one else can see
and echoes of mother dear-
'maybe you shouldn't eat that'
there's a boy that loves me
and tells me i'm sexy
but his blue eyes don't see what i see
maybe you need better glasses, darling
maybe then you'll understand
i'm sick of obsessing
over pictures
of skeleton dances
and runway revivals
staring for hours
at the hip-bone hills
and jacob's ladders
and piano-key ribs
that i could only dream of
5-foot 8-inches
pipe dreams left to smolder
in the ashtray
with my last meal

1 comment:

Kayelless said...

This one hit home. I love it! Really strong emotion felt.