Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ohio Is For Lost Boys

with drug-words
poems carved into skin
burns that leave you blackened
on the inside
i may not recall your name
but i will never forget your face
every time i drink
it gets more vivid
technicolor memory
rapid cut
change the angle
see the shadows beneath your eyes
see the lies
you whispered the dialogue perfectly
my marilyn
my james dean
hollywood never looked so good
as it does through your rose-colored lens
wish you were here
in ohio
i wish you were here
to feel the cold
i wish you were here
to watch the sun set
i wish you were here


Craig Can't Dance said...

I wish I didn't understand, but i think I do. I've been on both sides of that towering invisible wall.

I'm really glad I found your page, I've read a few of your entries now and am enjoying your style. You have a finesse that conveys the complexity of your emotions is a simple way.

Type on.

Alkemie Jane said...

thank you darlin'! *blushes*