Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why This Blog Is Silly (A Rant)

Blogs are silly- especially when written by models.

We are paid, pressured, and pushed to be beautiful, not intelligent, eloquent, or interesting.

No one reads our words.

If it's longer than 140 characters, if it surpasses a post on Twitter, it's too much work- not like we'd have anything important to say anyway.

People don't look at our blogs because they want to know how we think, how we feel.

They don't care what makes us tick.

On the occasion they click the link, open the page, and open their eyes, it's to see if we've posted a shot of our tits yet, if maybe our bare asses have appeared in any more images.

This blog is silly, in particular, because I'm not hoping that anyone will read it.

I'm not writing for people to stumble across my words on the internet.

There are two people in this world I want to read this silly, meaningless, half-naked blog.

They don't.

So the words, the pictures, the futile meaning-

It's all for me.

Only for me.


Nick (CFKS) said...

I don't want to be to assumptive and assume that this post is a response or reaction to the fact that I posted a comment on your blog yesterday. Whether it is or not is of no matter to me, really.

I found your blog by searching for people with the movie BRICK listed on their profiles. It is one of my favorites. The fact that we share a love of writing poetry made me check you out. I search and read a lot of poetry on blogs. I'm always looking for new poetry.

The tits and bare ass are great as far as I am concerned, but it is not what brought me to your blog, nor is it why I even took a second look. There is plenty of T&A on the net, not so much fresh ink from those I find poetically intriguing.

I hope my comments haven't offended you in anyway. I like some of your poems... and YES - the pics are nice too, but if me reading your blog makes you uneasy in anyway, just say the word and I'll disappear.

Alkemie Jane said...

o no, that wasn't in response to you at all! i really appreciate your compliments. :-)

it's more addressing some friends and photographers- say i've written something, and they don't notice. say i've got a new nude posted, and they all flock to it... it's kinda depressing actually lol.

i'm sorry if that made you think i was upset with you or something- far from it!

thank you again, and take care!

xox AJ

Nick (CFKS) said...

Cool. I would have hated to have been shut out when I had just begun to enjoy myself. Thanks for the nice reply.