Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Girl Called Love

everyone stares
when you
into a room.
i guess you can't help it;
i guess you can't stop being beautiful.
but i don't mind-
it doesn't hurt me.

that's a lie.

it cuts my eyes
to know i can't look at you.
cuts my tongue
to know i can't speak to you.
cuts my skin
to know i can't touch you.
and it cuts my already scarred heart
to know i can never have you again.

you are the whole world's baby blue eyes
you are their sweetest dreams
and their darkest desires
you are the world's venus
with no mouth to object
no hands to push back
you are the perfect lover, love.

personify my wishes
buried in shame
cloaked by time.

it's a pipe-dream
thinking of waking up beside you
stroking your soul
the way you touched mine.
i want to see your diamond-encrusted lashes
peeling off
leaving your skin sticky.
i want to see your lips
parted with sleeping breaths
as you curl
into the warm-spot
on the bed.

everyone i know
is in love with you.
why am i the only one
who doesn't have the guts
to say it?

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