Monday, September 28, 2009


Just got home from Detroit- all in one piece!- and I am eagerly awaiting pictures!

This weekend was a blast and a half! Drove up Friday with Mr Black, and as per usual, they had fucked up our reservation. (Welcome to the Leland!) But instead of getting a shit-tastic little room, they ended up giving us a jacuzzi suite! (w00t!) I just have to say, that hot tub was so '70's porno it's awesome! Hung out, went to the meet & greet and chilled with some cool people, smoked way too fuckin much, and got a lovely surprise- Lenna Amore had brought my brathair up as her "assistant"! So while Mr Black shot with Natasha Fatale, I got to hang out with him, Dade McHaul, Dollface Deadsy, and EPO for a bit. (Good times!) And around 2:30 in the AM, Jose G and Tabitha Vice (our roommates) got in, so we chilled for a bit and called it a night around 4.

Saturday- Georgian make-up on Dade and GoddessAngie for a shoot with Lisolette Gilcrest. I was really happy with the way it turned out, and I can't wait to see some pictures! Then the lovely Alizarine brought me a gorgeous corset she'd made to shoot me in! The only problem- the stockings I'd bought were mispackaged- white, not black. But the super-sexy Barbara came to the rescue and lent me hers, so the shoot went off perfectly. (Again, can't wait to see pictures!!!) Did some pretty make-up on an emo-boy, snagged some lunch with Lisolette, A Owen Layne, and a couple others at everyone's favorite diner, then did a shoot with the sextastic Tabitha Vice! (Much fun was had.) Assisted Mr Black on a shoot with Rachel Rampage, and then, thanks to Lisolette, I got to go to Dirty Show! The work was awesome, and it was sweet to see myself on the wall lol! Mr Black, Dade, Angie and I grabbed a bite at the diner, and then went back to our room to hang out with Jose, Tabitha, Kira Nova, Miss Allison and Collin. (Kira and I availed ourselves of the hot tub hehe!)

Sunday, Mr Black shot a Dom/sub set with Justin PC and I, then I did a topless-and-jeans shoot with Image Rooster, lunch with Lenna Amore and my brother, Mr Black shot naughty fun with Miss Allison and myself, romantic topless goodness in my favorite white dress with Freckles, and a zivity-set hopeful with Tim Nolan involving an Air Force uniform shirt, fishnets, and a helmet!

It was a long weekend and a long drive back, but it was sooo much fun! Can't wait to see the pictures, and till the CAC on Halloween!

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