Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Truths

1) i wish on stars i can't see, for things i can't have

2) i still care so much for people who care nothing for me

3) for photos, i'd rather be soaked in blood or covered in glitter than prancing around nude and pretending i'm something i'm not

4) i really do keep my friends close and my enemies closer

5) i get jealous over stupid shit sometimes

6) i'm still nice to him, as much as i wish he'd just get the fuck out of my life

7) i miss being the girl i was sometimes. i still don't understand the person i am now.

8) i have no fucking clue how to be happy. sad, angry, all that i can deal with. but happiness i can't figure out.

9) 95% of the time, i hate modeling

10) i'd rather be a poet

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