Monday, April 6, 2009

I Am Not Worthy

i am not worthy
of your time
of your eyes
of your kisses or touches or even your thoughts
i don't deserve you
or your intoxicating loving
or your blood blue stare
i wish i were okay
i wish i could lie
and tell you i am
but you always knew
looked right through me
like looking through water to the bottom of the barrel
i am not worthy
of your memory
of your dreams
or even your nightmares
i don't deserve you
or your death-defying heart
we fought gravity
we were the wind
ever changing
ever moving
we were the stars
forever glowing
you and i were something special
something real
well, that's what i believed
but now
i am not worthy
of even a scribbled letter
to say you miss me
i don't deserve it
not your memory
i am nothing
but a ghost

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