Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Vacation

i don't need to escape from the whole world
i don't need to run away and hide
i don't need a safe-haven where no one can touch me
in fact, that's my worst fear-
being alone
the one thing i need to get away from
i never can
because the one person that hurts me worse than any other
is me
you can put me in a padded room
you can feed me pills
you can send me to therapy
but you can't undo who i am
i don't need this summer vacation
i just need a new me

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fashion Slave- by Lazyi Photography

i am not perfect
i will not pretend to be
you'll never see me with the skinny bitches in vogue
i'll never walk a runway
or pose with kate moss
i don't want to be perfect
i don't want to fit your conception of beauty
i don't want to be a fucking stick figure
i don't want to starve myself for my art
i will fight
i will scream
i will play and flirt and go absolutely insane
i'll expose a little piece of myself in each image
and i don't really care if you judge me for it
this is who i am
this is what i do
if you don't like it
close your fucking eyes
i will never be america's next top model
but i sure as hell will be me

I Can't Feel You Anymore...

i always knew you were with me.
holding my hand, holding me close.
you were my strength and my comfort.
kissing the tears away
i knew i would be okay.
i could feel your skin on mine
i could feel your heart beating
i could feel you breathing
but i can't feel you anymore...
you aren't who i thought you were
the man i loved doesn't even exist.
everything i thought i knew,
thought i could believe in,
was a lie...
where is my strength, my comfort now?
i can't feel you anymore...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Never Look Back

run away
don't look back
follow the tracks
into forever
follow the moon
to the other side
don't look back
never look back
keep running
until you've forgotten
what your name is
where you came from
keep running
until your legs burn
and finally
collapse beneath you
keep running
until you can't breathe
it just hurts too much
but don't look back
never look back
follow the stars
into the distance
follow the wind
into the night
forget everything
you left behind
don't look back
never look back
just start over
lead a new life
be someone else
be someone better
just keep running
until the hurt
keep your eyes forward
when the sun is rising
don't let the memories
flood in
just keep running
until the road stops
just don't look back
never look back.