Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Not?

question of the week-
why not?
why not try a bondage photo shoot?
why not sleep with the people i've always lusted after?
why not risk falling in love again?

this weekend has been amazing
it's exactly what i needed
not only am i inspired to model again
but i have some vague faith in humanity restored
there are people that care
there are people that don't think i'm a crazy lying bitch
there are people that think of me as more than just a whore
i am worth something
and i don't need him around to tell me that
i am a good person
and i don't need a man to reinforce that
i can be loved again someday
and he's not the only one out there for me

i'm young and i'm crazy and i'm going to have fun
i'm going to flirt and fuck and fight like an irish woman should
i'm going to get drunk
i'm going to kiss girls
i'm going to try things i never imagined
and i'm going to party like a rockstar
i'm gonna give in once in a while and deal with things the only way i know how
i'm going to say what i mean
and not be afraid of what someone will think
i'm going to do what i want
and not let anyone tell me otherwise
i'm a single, attractive young woman
why not have fun with it?

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PXE said...

8) you make me smile. <3