Saturday, June 21, 2008


"i will wait for you"
she said
"i will wait for you"
so spoke


i await a decision that may change the rest of my life.
for better or worse, i don't know.
but i'm willing to take the risk.
will you choose me, who loves and serves you?
or will you choose the woman who treats you like her servant, not a lover?
i will wait for you.
i will wait for you to choose with baited breath.
i will wait.
though the pain and suspense are almost too much for me to take,
it's worth it.
for you, anything.
and should you choose to walk away from me forever?
please know that there will always be a place for you in my heart.
if that's the way it is to be,
i hope you look back on our time together fondly.
i know i always will.
forgive me for putting this question to the public,
but i really must know...
is this goodbye?

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