Saturday, June 14, 2008

As You Wish

"whichever you choose is my vow to you, to always protect you and keep you safe, to love you and guide you in our life together."

"and my vow to you is to serve you and stand by you, to love you and care for you always."

these were the words exchanged last night. these were the promises made. there is someone committed to me, pledged to protect me and love me and guide me. and i am his, his to command, his to love, his to do as he wills. though the collar is not yet around my neck, i feel it. his presence, his wishes, they are already there. and i am here to serve him. it gives me energy and direction. it gives me willpower and a cause. i care for myself now, because that will please him. i'm preparing for school, because if i do well, he will be proud of me. i work harder than ever on my modeling, because he wishes for me to succeed. somehow, i feel better now than i ever have. i desire his approval, but even more than that, i desire his smile. he could command me to walk to the ends of the earth, and i would sprint, just to be back at his side sooner. where he leads me, i will go. what he asks of me, i will do gladly. it is as he wishes, and that pleases me, for i am his.

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