Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 Real Secrets

1) i fall in love with men i know i can never have
2) i wish i were vegan, partially because i love animals, but mostly because i want to be skinnier.
3) i still think about killing myself. a lot.
4) a little girl named athena saved my life friday night.
5) i would be a really awesome phone-sex operator.
6) i put up pictures of my friends on the walls to remind me what i'm living for.
7) i confide in this blog more than i do in anyone i know.
8) i just got a booty-call from two of my best guy friends. i don't think i like it.
9) i spend way too much time texting, and not nearly enough time actually connecting with people.
10) lately, i've been smoking almost two packs a day. i just keep telling people it's one.

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