Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Start Over

my life needs to change.
it needs to be an adventure.
it needs to be a rave.
i need color and glitter and really loud music.
i need sex.
i want to wear tutus and thigh-highs and combat boots and corsets.
i want to put kelly-green streaks in my hair.
i want to take risks and be crazy.
i want to feel high on life, like i'm falling in love every day.
i want to party.
i want to be a fucking celebrity.
i want to play.
i want to live art.
i need to start over.
i need to be someone new.
i need to stop being afraid.
i need to get up in the morning and LIVE.
so let's do it.
let's be what we always wanted to be.
let's have an adventure.
let's be heroes.
let's start over.


Tempus said...

Gothic feels good to your pale skin. Nice shoot!

PXE said...

Hellz yeah! I heart you. The end. -dances- 8)

natur line Sex said...

Congratulations, sometimes a dream is something reason why few dare to fight. I only can wish a wonderful future. it receives a strong hug.