Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Nightmares Never End

i woke up screaming, sobbing, shaking.
and it's all for you...
every day i wish your memory would fade...
i'm starting to realize it never will.
you left more than bruises with me, dear.
and i hate you for it.
i still cringe when i hear your name
after all you put me through.
you can call me a whore if you want.
i hope it makes you feel better about yourself.
you can tell them all i was a liar and a cheat
but what's the point when you know yourself it was never true?
i hope it does something for your ego
to know i still think about the look in your eye
when you said you would kill me.
i knew all along that you meant it.
and when you cornered me
did you do it just to scare me?
i see now that no matter how far i run
no matter where i hide or who i become
some nightmares never end...
you're that nightmare.

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