Saturday, April 19, 2008

The One You Fear The Most

his eyes wander over you, head to toe, over and over. those eyes are black- they weren't when you first met. he just watches, takes in every last move you make, every curve of your body, every freckle on your skin. he just watches you, with a contorted smile on his thin face. you back away a step or two- slowly, subtly, as not to cause a scene. but there is the glass, cold on your back, preventing you from moving away. there he is, watching with his black eyes, his sick smile, holding you there, as if to remind you, 'you are mine. no matter where you go, no matter what you do, you will never forget this. you will never forget me. you are mine.' it's like a nightmare. the bruises all come back, his grasp on your throat, the hiss of his voice. memories all flood in as his eyes move up and down, memorizing you. and he just smiles. your breath catches and never quite comes back. your hands begin to tremble, and your heart thuds over and over, much faster than it should. you want to scream. you want to run. you want to get away. but there's the glass behind you, and him before you. no one around seems to notice his stare, fastened on you. no one around seems to notice your panic. so you just take a deep breath and murmur a prayer. your hell is there, staring you in the face. if ever you needed salvation, it's now. you can't forget the feeling of his hand clutching your arm, shaking you back and forth, his voice screaming every profanity in the book. you can't escape those black fucking eyes and that warped fucking smile. so instead of breaking out, you turn inside yourself, and implode. you shake, you sob, you can't even breathe. for a moment, you are the chaos he always wanted you to be. you are his tortured creation, his toy. but then it all goes dead- there is no sound, no color, no motion, no world around you- and you simply walk away.

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