Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Do You Do When...

... the man you love brings the underage girl he cheated on you with to your house?

he says it's to show me that nothing is going on between them, that he's being honest now, that it's okay...
why do i still have nightmare images of them fucking in my bed on repeat in my head?
he says i should get to know her, that she wants to be my friend.
how the fuck can you be friends with the girl that talked your lover into leaving you 4 fucking times?
he says it'll be good for us.
i think it would be really good for us if she fell off the face of the planet.

any advice, folks?

1 comment:

UIPHOTOS - Ultimate Imaging Photography said...

No advice necessary, the answers are already before you..

People SHOW us who they truly are every day, we choose to see them the way we want them to be..

She isnt the issue, she is merely another reflections of who he is..

Change your focus and your reality changes..