Thursday, March 27, 2008

What A Difference A Friend Makes

there are a few friends i need to take this opportunity to thank. you guys are the best. you are my family. and right now, you are my hope.

bubbles- you are the one who will always tell me i deserve better. you always tell me that i'm beautiful, and that i can be more than i give myself credit for. thank you, love. i'm starting to believe it.

gothboy- i don't know how you do it, but somehow, you manage to calm me down through the craziest shit... you make so much sense sometimes it scares me. :-P and even when you have no advice to give, you listen to all my drama without complaint, and your very presence makes me feel better... you are my brother, my friend, and thank you so much for being there.

gumby- you make me smile! you can get me to do goofy shit i would never do for another photographer. you cheer me up. and you make me look and feel beautiful. you enabled my spring break adventure, and thank you so much for that. i can't wait to see you again.

kevin- even though your apartment is like 40 degrees ( :-P ) you don't even know how much i appreciate you letting me stay with you, showing me around the city, and letting me be a part of your art. when you can take my fucked up life and make something beautiful out of it... you are more ridiculously talented than you know. thank you for being a friend. i'll have to run away to cleveland again sometime when it's warm.

raelyn- while you were in town, you gave me some of the best advice i could ever have hoped for- "just pick up the pencil." you were right. and living by that rule has made the last month infinitely more bearable than it otherwise would have been. your funny faces and your scritchies make me smile, and i miss them dearly, but i hope you're happy in california. (i'm jealous! :-P ) thank you for everything.

kenken- for a year and a half now, you have been like my sister. and no matter how far apart we may be, or how crazy our lives become, i know you're one person i can always count on- nothing is going to change between us. i mean, we text for hours on end every day about absolutely nothing, lol. i wish you were back in columbus, honey. i miss you.

rac- my sister. my crazy little cheerleader of a sister... and my best friend. what can i say about you? since the day you were born, you and i have been in it together. from beth's crazy shit to trips to florida, from mom and grandma's jig in the rain to boys and friends and high school. you're the only one who's been through it all with me. and even though i'm on the other side of town now, you and i both know we could call up the other one in need, and in a heartbeat, we would be there... that's the beauty of sisters, i guess. thank you for being amazing, rachel. i don't know what i would do without you.

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flohtingPoint said...

Its a really good thing you have these friends. After reading your blog, it sounds like you could use the support. I'm no stranger to darker times and I can always remember good friends being there to help me out.