Monday, March 24, 2008

A Triumphant Return

i had my adventure. i ran away. and ya know what- i feel better.
whatever is wrong with me won't keep me from living my life.
it won't hold me back.
i took a bus from columbus to dayton, then dayton to toledo.
i crashed with a friend and drank whiskey and wine on st. patricks day.
i did a photo shoot in a freezing cold studio and an abandoned highway that looked rather like a scene from Law & Order SVU.
i posed nude with a gumby doll at 1 am.
i watched dozens of awesome movies, and laughed with a friend.
i took another bus to cleveland, and gave a bum a cigarette.
i saw a city i'd never seen before.
i played "ho or no" in the ghetto.
i posed in the projection of an eclipse.
i made art out of my problems.
i got covered with henna at midnight, and finished shooting at 2:30.
i bought a teeshirt reading "psych ward" with a number.
i ate at a pizza buffet.
i took another bus home, and made it in time for my roommate's birthday party.
i'm gonna have to do this again when it's warmer.


Gary M Photo said...

The bus to Dayton part, damn straight...

Glad you had a good adventure.

Anonymous said...

Good Kitty.