Sunday, March 16, 2008

There Are Names...

Ivy- the sad one

Alina- the frustrated one

Nora- the mother

Casey- the little girl

Mercury/ Slyhe- the nympho

Jonathan- the little boy

Pixie- the happy punk

Lydia- the anarchist

Chloe- the bitch

am i all of them?
am i none?
am i anyone at all?
and which one is me?
is there really a me?
or am i just pieces?
am i the one that hurts others?
or the one that hurts herself?
do i even have a name?
or am i just...
no one?

1 comment:

Gary M Photo said...

This about made me cry... not sure how many I've met, but they're all a part of you -- the you that everyone adores.