Wednesday, March 26, 2008


this is me. this is me undressed, unprotected, unafraid. this is me with nothing to hide. this is me, vulnerable. this is me knowing it's okay to dream. this is me flirting shamelessly. this is me as the goddess intended. this is me not worried about stupid shit. this is me, innocent for a moment. this is me praying i would never have to go back to the real world. this is me as more than a whore, a toy, a good fuck. this is me- the real me. this is me as only a friend can show me. this is me, without anyone to hold me at night. this is me, crazy. this is me, knowing that it's okay. this is me, wishing god actually answered prayers. this is me, wondering if i'll ever be worth anything to anyone. this is me, hurt, scarred, flawed. this is me, dying inside. this is me, embracing what is truly me. this is me, not hiding, not faking it. this is me, stripped of all pretense. this is me, REAL.

(photo by SPRINGHEEL. <3 )

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The Anti-Nannier said...

just stumbled across your blog and spent some time reading your posts - you're a gifted writer!
you're an original - your commentaries are raw, yet sensitive; emotional, but very intelligent.
I look forward to reading more from you. thanks
- AF