Monday, March 3, 2008

Physical Penance

never guessed that i would end up/ a girl who gambles with her body/ i'm not your doll, your plaything/ though for a price, i might consider//

i wouldn't be surprised-/ if you put your dipstick somewhere new/ wouldn't be surprised-/ if you told them things that just weren't true/ surprised-/ if you wanted to be anywhere but on your back/ i'm surprised that i can make 'em sweat/ that's the last thing i'd expected//

and every time you kissed me/ well, it tasted just like arsenic/ to me/ yeah, it makes me sick/ gotta get the poison outta me//

slide your fingers inside/ and tell me you love me/ pull my hair/ and tell me you hate me/ break me down/ it wouldn't surprise me-/ now//

i wouldn't be surprised-/ if my outfit matches your bedroom floor/ wouldn't be surprised-/ if lingerie was the new denim/ surprised-/ if the leather didn't leave welts/ but i'm not complaining/ i'm surprised-/ that i'm the object of your teenage fantasizing//

well, if you'd like, i'll say your name/ i'll scream it out loud/ when you touch me/ you can hurt me if you want to/ you can make me feel so worthless/ now i lay me down to sleep/ i feel like shit; i'm in too deep/ and i will cry until i wake/ 'cuz mine is the only heart i break//

wouldn't be surprised-/ if that was all you saw in me/ wouldn't be surprised-/ if you'd made up some great stories/ surprised-/ if you're not still in that mood that makes you want to screw me//

well, everytime you touched me/ it felt like a bullet to the heart/ and we haven't changed/ we're right back where we started from//

i wouldn't be surprised-/ if you didn't even know my name/ wouldn't be surprised-/ if you hadn't heard a word i said/ surprised-/ if you knew there was more to me than just flirtation/ i'm surprised-/ i fell into this shit/ after i swore i never would/ oh no/ i've given in again.//

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