Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not That Anyone Cares

it's a bad combination-
easy to take advantage of,
and impossible to love.
i hear i'm a good fuck
but does anyone ever want
than just the sex?
does anyone ever care
to look deeper
or know me better?
does anyone want
to do with me
but fuck and run?
you said you loved me
said you still do
said you cared
said you want to be there for me
yet here i am
and waiting for a day
that will never come.
it's so easy
to think of me
as a piece of ass
as easy
there's so much more to me
than the best orgasm
you'll never have again.
there's so much more
than the scarred body
people seem to like so much.
there's more
than a good fuck.
there's a good heart.
not that anyone cares
to see it.

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