Saturday, March 1, 2008

50 Real Secrets

1. it makes me nervous when people say i'm pretty.
2. i'm almost as scared of getting better as i am of being fucked up.
3. i think you're lying.
4. i really wish i liked video games. maybe then we'd have something to talk about.
5. i'd be a vegetarian, but i really hate vegetables.
6. i'd much rather hold hands than fuck.
7. honestly, i don't think i matter.
8. borat imitations make me violently angry.
9. i miss being held.
10. i don't really want to finish college. i just want to open my cafe and write.

11. every time you text me or call, it makes my day.
12. i can't fucking stand ignorant people. if you're closed-minded, prejudiced, judgmental, or just plain stupid, stay the hell away from me, cuz i'd really rather not have to stab you.
13. i'm horribly allergic to marijuana.
14. i still wait up for calls i know aren't coming.
15. i'd rather have chocolate covered strawberries than a vibrator.
16. sometimes i lie and say i know bands and books and references when i don't.
17. i smoke a pack of marlboro reds a day, and i don't intend to quit any time soon.
18. i'm seriously considering getting a boob-job.
19. i think my scars are ugly.
20. i haven't seen most classic movies. (the godfather, casablanca, breakfast at tiffany's, etc.)

21. i think asian girls are hot.
22. i watch G4 even when morgan's not around.
23. the show 'Cheaters' made me cry once.
24. one of my personalities is a compulsive eater. another one is anorexic.
25. i could never be attracted to a "body builder" type guy.
26. my ears ring when i'm getting depressed.
27. i hate wearing a bathing suit.
28. i kiss girls. no, really. i do.
29. part of me doesn't want to change.
30. there's no single person that knows everything about me. that includes myself.

31. i'm craving a cigarette as we speak.
32. i can't listen to the songs we used to play without crying.
33. i wish i could play an instrument, but i'm too lazy to learn.
34. i feel lonely even with all my friends around me.
35. i feel guilty when i spend money on myself.
36. i'm absolutely terrified of heights, only because my dad is.
37. he will always be my everything.
38. the taste of raspberries makes me violently ill.
39. i forgot how to ride a bike.
40. i always thought i knew who i was. i was wrong.

41. i sleep with the lights on when i'm alone.
42. it makes me sad when i get online and no one's said anything to me.
43. i hate going out by myself.
44. underwear annoys me.
45. sometimes i tell people i'm okay even though i'm thinking of killing myself.
46. i'm tired of faking it.
47. i spend more time dreaming about the way things were than i do thinking about the way things could be.
48. i almost never listen to my own advice.
49. i let him use me when i knew better than to think he could love me again.
50. my bunny makes me happier than almost anyone on earth.

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