Sunday, March 9, 2008

15 More Secrets

1. i would give anything for him to just call right now.
2. i'm starting to see the subtle differences between my alters... and it scares me.
3. i can't help wondering if anyone actually gives a shit.
4. it's sunny out, but to me, it's still so gray...
5. slowly but surely, things are starting to matter less and less.
6. if i could break something right now, i definitely would.
7. i'm really very tempted to burn all his things, but then i know he wouldn't come back.
8. i only get out of bed to smoke and take care of my bunny. that's all i have the motivation to do right now.
9. i fucking hate my body. no matter what people say, i think i'm fucking hideous.
10. i tried to take a walk this morning. i didn't even make it a full block before i had to turn around and come home. i just couldn't deal with being out yet.
11. i really think i will die in a car crash. i will not be driving.
12. i went to xenos because it got me out of my dad's house every sunday night and i got to smoke there.
13. i haven't been able to write anything decent since i found out what's wrong with me.
14. i hate my name. always have. i think it's boring. (and i don't really care that i'm named after 2 great grandmothers i don't even remember.)
15. i think most of the published poetry i've read really sucks.

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