Friday, February 29, 2008

Ya Live, Ya Learn

what did i learn, you may ask?- do not sleep with someone unless you know for certain it means the same thing to both of you.
i didn't think sex meant we were back together. far from it. but i thought we were a little more than fuck-buddies. my mistake.
i thought he respected me more than that. i thought he cared about me more than that. i thought he might still love me more than that. but i was wrong. that night, i was nothing but a good fuck.
we both made mistakes. we both fucked up, it so many ways. i just wish we could take it all back. every time i realize we can't... it makes me wanna cry.
he said he was sorry. he said he should've been thinking. he said he still loved me, and that what we shared was amazing. he said he just wasn't ready to be any more than friends with me yet.
why do i still feel so used?

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