Monday, February 25, 2008

We Die Inside

People like us
Cry harder
Laugh louder
Dance crazier
Scream shriller
Punch harder
Cut deeper
Smile bigger
Fight harder
Fuck harder
Love more
Hate more
Than anyone else alive.
We can't bare the thought of being tied down
So we long for that one true love that will set us free
And every time it slips from our fingers
We die inside
A little bit more
We wish for things most people can't even dream of
We believe in it
We fight for it
And every time it fails us
We die inside
A little bit more
We start to think
Tomorrow will never come
We start to believe the sun won't rise
And we're stuck sleeping alone
And we die inside
Just a little bit more
People ask us-
Isn't there anything worth fighting for?
We try to answer
Try so hard to explain it
But they can't possibly understand.
'It's all worth fighting for,' we tell them
'But don't you see?
There's no fight left in me.
It's over.'
You wonder why it ended that way
And that last little piece of you
People like us
Don't sleep
Don't eat
Can't think
Can't breathe
We live for love
And that is our fatal flaw.

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