Monday, February 25, 2008

They Tell Me

They tell me to live for the moment
But if this moment is spent in hell
Why go on to the next one?
They tell me to live for now
And just be happy
But how can I
When there's nobody who will love me?
Not like you did
They tell me it'll be okay
But how can life go on
When I'm already dead inside?
They tell me just to fuck somebody else
But I'll never make love again
They tell me the pain will go away
But I only see one way
To let go of you
Is that the only way to forget?
They tell me you're not worth it
But you are
You always have been
They tell me to hold on
But what is there to hold onto?
I don't want to hurt anymore
They tell me tomorrow will come
And be better
But what if I don't want it to come at all?

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